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As Badminton Horse Trials starts this week, it seemed a good idea to share this blog all about Fairfax & Favor, a brand and stand that is on my hit list when I attend the event on Friday, and a website I find myself straying towards more regularly than I’d admit in public (oops).

As you may have noticed (if you follow my blog or my Facebook page, you will have noticed!), that I’m a teeny bit obsessed with packaging. Well, obsessed sounds bad. I have a keen interest in packaging. I think packaging as much as social media, blogs, press releases, the design of a website (I could go on and on) helps to tell your company’s story. Whether you’re a sole trader or a huge company, packaging matters. Just like your social media does. Just like your website does. But how often do you see amazing packaging? Yep, not all that often. So when I see something special, I have to share. I’ve written about a few great examples, but today I’m going to talk about Fairfax & Favor and their Regina packaging.

Haven’t we been here before?

Yes and no. Last time I created a video about Fairfax & Favor’s Windsor Bag. That was equally stunning, but this time we’re talking about boots. Now, the Regina is the boot style that Fairfax & Favor is best known for (although there’s now an Explorer and other boots too). Being quite tall, I went for the flat version, although I assume that the heeled ones have similar packaging. I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

What did Fairfax & Favor get right?

Quite a few things…

  • The care and attention given to the packaging gives you a feel for the quality of the product within.
  • The handwritten note. Something that I think all businesses should do. It makes you feel special and like the company cares about your business.
  • The show dates/invite. It promotes the events that the company is at this season, but framed as an invite which, again, makes you feel special.
  • The fabric wrap/liner. I’m not sure the correct name. The boots were/are wrapped in a piece of material to help protect them. And it’s Fairfax & Favor branded. Obviously.

Anyway, I’ve created a video about the packaging too – enjoy!

I’d love to hear you thoughts. Have you experienced packaging that has blown you away? Do you think it matters? Let me know!

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