Newsletter subscriber goody boxI know, I know – my inbox gets bombarded with newsletters too, but I promise you that this is a good one. OK. I might be a bit biased, but I will do my very, very best to make sure it provides you with genuinely useful information that you can use to improve your business if you choose to sign up and join the fun. AND, each month, I’ll be sending one newsletter subscriber a box of goodies that I have picked. Interested? You can sign up here.

What’s in the newsletter?

I’ve had my newsletter on the go for a while, but I was very aware that people don’t want to receive ‘crap’ in their inboxes, so I lost my way with it. I then started my 40 day blogging challenge and the response was amazing. People loved the blogs, I know that they have directly helped some people with their businesses, and I was getting lovely feedback. I went through a phase of publishing a blog a day for 40 days, which was great, if not a bit exhausting, and I know that people who really loved them will, no doubt, have missed a few. So I thought, let’s keep this simple, let’s use the newsletter to promote three blogs from the week with info about what’s in each, and let’s add a video on too – because everyone knows I like a good video. And I’ve also added a client shout out as I have so many lovely clients achieving great things, so I wanted to mention them. I decided to just keep it simple, short, easy to read, interesting and useful. And I really hope you think it is. Convinced? You can sign up here.

And what about this box of goodies?!

I regularly talk about good books I’ve read, things I’ve learnt and I am a stationery addict, so I thought that what I would do, as a thank you for agreeing to receive my newsletter and being part of my community, is bundle up some best finds each month and send them to one newsletter subscriber. It’s as simple as that really. I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook page each month, and one lucky subscriber will receive a box of things that I love and/or have found useful. I’m keen to grow my subscriber list and, of course, retain the people on my list, and while I know that content is key and will be a big focus (of course!), who doesn’t love the idea of winning something lovely? No one. So that’s what I’m doing it!

Would you like to sign up?

All you need to do is click here and fill in the form, or if you’re rather, just email me here explaining you’d like to be added to my list and I’ll do it. And if you think any of your friends might like to receive it, please send them a link to this blog, the sign up form or ask them to drop me an email and I’ll add them. I’d be really grateful.

Sign up for my newsletter here.

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