How to get featured in magazines part 2Following on from ‘How to get featured in magazines – part 1’ we now have part 2. The sequel. Let’s
hope that, unlike so many sequels, it’s as good if not better than the first!

Today, we’re looking at the press release. This is the main focus of how to get featured in magazines part 2.

The press release

The humble press release is something that is getting increasingly cast aside in favour of others things, and God knows there are enough ‘is the press release dead’ features around. But I don’t think it is. Well, not the way I think about it! In my world, a press release has a very simple aim. To inform the press of news. This could be a new product, a new service, news about appointments and company developments. It’s designed to inform the press as to what is going on in your world, to see if they want to create a story and feature it in their magazine or on their website/blog. Of course, it’s not quite that simple – and a fair chunk of common sense needs to be in play here. Here are 10 things to consider when putting together a press release to help you get featured in magazines…

  • Get the right contacts – make sure you are sending it to the right people or person.
  • Connect with these people before you add them to your press list and make sure they’re happy to be added.
  • Make sure the news you’re writing about is actually news. Sounds silly? You’d be amazed at the stuff I see that is neither new or newsworthy.
  • Be concise. No one has the time to read a huge document to get to the point.
  • Look into how to create a good press release. There’s a method that will be discussed in a future blog. It matters.
  • Check spelling and grammar. Everyone makes the odd typo, but check, check and check again to try and avoid this.
  • Send high res images to support your story – and make them good. Clear, crisp images are necessary for print. Well, for online too. But sending crap images will make you a whole lot less likely to get featured and, even if the story is amazing, you’re adding more work the writer’s plate.
  • Do not break anyone’s inbox. Check your file sizes.
  • Be nice. Send a nice email with your story that outlines what you’re talking about and invites people to get in touch if they need more.
  • Think about the format you send things in. I did a bit of research into this a while ago and found that most of my list were happy with one way, but another group wanted it a different way – so I send it out in two formats. Yep – it takes a bit more time, but it increases the chance of getting coverage, and that is what it is all about!

Missed part 1? Have a read here.

What do you think? Is the press release dead? Have you sent out press releases and generated great results? I’d love to hear…

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