If you’ve decided to collaborate with another person or business to help increase your reach and visibility, and you’ve chosen who to collaborate with, now you need to organise how this is going to work. Here are some top tips on how to do this. Here are my tips on how to organise a collaboration.

How to organise a collaboration

  • Think about what your objective is. Are you looking to grow your newsletter list? Increase followers on Twitter? Add fans on Facebook? Get more engagement on Instagram?
  • Are you looking to focus on a particular product or service? Or are you hoping to promote your entire offering or collection? Be really clear. Think of the point above when considering this.
  • Discuss what your collaborator wants to gain. This can have a big influence on how the collaboration works and if it’s going to work for you. If they want to grow their Instagram following, but you really want to grow your mailing list, you’re going to have to try and come How to organise a collaborationup with a good way to do this.
  • Think about your offer. And make sure it appeals to your fans and theirs. Competitions often do well, because who doesn’t love a competition? You could also look to offer a discount to your fans and theirs either at the time or at a later date, as a thank you for participating.
  • Be clear on your entry mechanism. If you want to grow your mailing list, you need to find a way to collect this information, if you want to grow your Facebook fans, work out how.
  • Make it easy. Whatever you want to gain, you want people to enter/engage, so make it as easy for them as possible. If you’re offering a discount code, make sure it’s easy to use. If you want them to join a list, make sure that they can do this in as few steps as possible.
  • Play by the rules. Make sure you competition conforms to all Ts and Cs relevant. For example, sharing as an entry mechanism actually breaches Facebook Ts and Cs. Yep. Honest. So do your research.
  • Create eye catching graphics. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have eye catching graphics to promote it. And make sure that both people involved in the collaboration or happy/using the same graphics so people know it’s the same offer.

If you’re interested in collaborations, you might like this video on Youtube (it’s the cheese one!), or have a read of this blog here about how to find your collaboration partner. And don’t forget that if you need a helping hand my coaching service could be just what you need…

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