I’m lucky to meet a lot of fabulous small business owners and find out all about their businesses. But not everyone does. So I thought, to help more people learn about them, I’d use my blog to showcase some of Equine Careersthe businesses I love. Here’s the first one-  Emma Dyer at Equine Careers. I’ve known Emma for years and have been lucky enough to work with her too. Emma’s business has really changed recruitment in the equine and rural industry – she’s a game changer, and I’m very excited to be able to share a bit about this fabulous lady (and her business) with you…

Tell us about you and your background – I have always ridden, and worked with horses for the first few years after A Levels, but then moved into sales and more commercial roles. I found it hard when I was successful only to have managers move the goal posts on me. So maybe being self employed was always on the cards but I was used to the security of a salary. I am a people person and love being around others or part of a team.  

What made you want to start a business? I didn’t really, but my hand was forced when I was made redundant back in 2008 and I had already had the idea of Equine Careers – so it seemed it was forced upon me, that could be a good thing or Equine Careers may never have taken off.

How is your business different? Equine Careers is completely unique, it started off just as an advertising portal for commercial roles within the Equine Industry (not grooms or riders) but office jobs, Sales, Marketing, Admin etc and has grown from there. I met a few sales reps who were not horsey and felt it must be so difficult to talk the lingo if you don’t use the products – I know that I can do a better job the more passionate I am – so I wanted to promote these types of roles to those who were familiar with the products but did not want to work in a practical yard role.

What makes your service special? Our uniqueness and that I am a sole trader, I can provide a personal service. Nothing is too much trouble. I want to help whether it’s a client or a candidate. I want to provide the careers advice that was not available before in our specialist market.

If you had to sum up your business in five words, what would they be? Unique, professional, personal, efficient, trustworthy.

Do you have a motto or ethos? Honesty and professionalism above all else.  

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring business owner, what would it be? Go for it, don’t over think – just do it. Believe in yourself and your idea.

One thing that helps you run your business more effectively  Common sense and being well organised.

Best thing about running a business? You are your own boss, there is no one to move the goal posts on you and the glory/recognition is all down to you.

BETA International Emma Dyer Equine CareersWorst thing about running a business? Being wholeheartedly responsible with no one to bounce things off , sometimes it can be lonely.

Top business blog you follow – James Caan Recruitment

One thing we might not know about you – in a previous role as sales and marketing manager for an equine surfacing company, I sold sand to the Arabs (artificial surface for a covering pen in Dubai)

Top business achievement – Won a BETA Innovation Award in 2010

Where can people follow you or your business online:

Equine Careers website

Equine Careers Facebook page

Equine Careers Twitter

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