This blog is all about how to use testimonials, helpfully assisted by an infographic I created for Pinterest. If you click on the infographic, you’ll be whisked over to Pinterest (well, you should be!) or,How to use testimonials if not, you can follow my pins here.

What’s the obsession with testimonials?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about testimonials, in light of receiving three really lovely ones over recent weeks that made me smile a lot. It’s nice to have happy customers, and when they’re happy to write about you and tell the world their thoughts, well, it’s enough to make anyone feel warm and slightly fuzzy. Getting the testimonials is one things (and let’s not underestimate how nice the warm and fuzzy feeling is!), but what’s even better (for your business at least!), is utilising these testimonials properly, How to use testimonials? Well, you can use them in lots of different ways, but here are six easy ones and a crafty little tip too. Well, I say crafty. It’s not really crafty, but you’ll find it can work wonders…

How to use testimonials

  • Put them on your website. Make a special section for them (like this testimonials section) and point people to this area from your blog (see what I did there?)
  • Email signature. Want to take your testimonials to your customers? Consider including the most recent/best as part of an email signature.
  • Graphics. Who doesn’t love a graphic? Adding your testimonials to graphics is a great way to use them and, when done well, adds a nice touch to your social media mix.
  • On products. If your testimonial relates to a product, why not add it to your packaging? Or create some cards/flyers with your latest reviews and testimonials?
  • On video. Yep. Written testimonials are great, video testimonials are even better. And this actually opens a whole new door in the how to use testimonials house!
  • With credit. Always credit the person the testimonial came from. It adds more to it than you could think, and also lets you publicly thank the person who provided it.

And, if you’re really on it – why not encourage your customers to share their testimonials with their social media following? Add an incentive, thank people, be genuine, and you’ll be amazed at what you (and your customers) might be able to achieve and who they might be able to reach!

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