I love a business book. OK. I probably have more than many libraries. But despite my thirst for knowledge, there are some I just can not get into. I have three on the go now because I struggled with the first one (I felt the same point was being covered over and over and over), I’m just not enjoying the second. But the third is good. It’s making me think. That’s what I like in a book. I like it to make me think, I like to learn and I like to be inspired. And if you’re like me, you’re going to love She Means Business.

A bit about the author…

So, first up – the author of She Means Business. Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie has grown a Facebook following and ‘tribe’ many people would cut arms off to have. And she’s worked with and interviewed some truly amazing people. She provides a LOT of content for free, including podcasts, and videos. And I’ve followed her online for a while. In a She Means Businessnon-stalker way. Obviously. I’ve been really impressed by what she’s achieved and her determination. And she just seems like a flipping nice person too. And her brother – he seems like a complete hoot. I think I’d like to spend the day with them both just chatting and having James sing random things at me (watch a few of Carrie’s vlogs – that statement seems a lot less random if you do!). So, a video (and, let’s be specific, a really nicely made, well produced video), popped up on my Facebook page one morning. Initially I was just blown away by the quality and production values (so much so I made my husband watch it too!), but then I wanted to know more about the book is was promoting. So I pre-ordered (I’m not sure I have ever pre-ordered a book!) and was excited. And then there were the extras – the Facebook group – an amazing bundle of all sorts from some leading names around the world, and being part of the 28 day challenge (OK, I’ve dropped a ball on this, but never mind. I can do it whenever as it’s in the book!). But the real star of the show is the book.

She Means Business – the book

She Means Business, the book, was a joy to read. It was really nicely written and I just ate up the words. Carrie has a way of making anything sound possible and achievable, and in telling you her story, you can see how she did it and how the formula, the journey, can be applied to everything you do too. Just by doing simple maths, the Members’ Club obviously makes a lot of money each month – you can see the success – but there’s not a hint of arrogance – Carrie cheers you on to do whatever you want to do. There are challenges in She Means Business and plenty of resources online to support you in your journey. It’s more of a course than a book, and for under £10 – seriously – buy it now if not sooner! And don’t worry about the title – it’ll work for men too. I’m sure of it!

So, why am I writing this review? I spoke to someone a few weeks ago who helped me achieve something big for a client because she wanted to help the ‘good guys’ – the nice people of this world- succeed. And it made me smile and nod. I know Carrie doesn’t need my endorsement or my recommendation – but she can have it. She Means Business is a seriously good book and one that I am planning to re-read from cover to cover, armed with a highlighter and sticky notes, very, very soon. Here’s a link to Amazon (it’s not a referral link or anything like that – this is my genuine opinion and I have nothing to gain by you buying She Means Business – just for the record :-))

Have you read a business book that you couldn’t help but recommend? I’d love to hear what it was. Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Claire Upton
    Claire Upton says:

    fantastic, well said. im completely with you on all of this. I, too, have read many business/self help books, but this has blown me away and caused an enormous shift in me and life, let alone the boost in business! I am telling everyone I meet or via fb that they need this book, entrepreneur of not. Meeting her at the book launch was so surreal and added extra power to the whole experience of this book! 🙂 I’ve been more excited by Carrie’s book than my own!! 🙂

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