Today’s blog is about something close to my heart for two reasons. Firstly, I do an increasing amount of business coaching with a range of clients. And secondly because my business coach is a complete diamond who has helped me take my business to the next level (and will continue to help me). If you’ve asked yourself ‘do I need a business coach’, this blog is just for you.

Coach, mentor or consultant?

When I first started down this path, I couldn’t decided on the correct term. Was I a coach? A mentor? A consultant? I was kind of all of them, but each word made me think of something I didn’t like. Coach – I thought of running faster and jumping higher. Mentor – I was unconvinced. Consultant – I’m not formal enough to be one of those, and I’ve met many ‘consultants’ I didn’t rate at all. If there’s a horrible child in your class at school, no matter how lovely their name is, you’re never going to like that name. I felt the same. I take the point that I use the term PR consultant when I have a limited amount of space. But still. I digress…

As you’ll know, I’ve build up a successful PR and marketing business in the rural and equestrian industry. And I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but it’s something I’m really proud of. But I work Do I need a business coach?on my own (Ok, I have a little help with my accounts and my husband does my video editing and offers this service to my clients), but you get the idea. But the problem is, I am one of those people. I love helping people. I like helping people achieve more in their businesses. I’m proficient at doing this with minimal budget because I look at things differently (and I’ve been doing this for a while!). I adore social media, love content marketing, am pretty obsessed with video, Facebook Live, collaborations. You get the idea. I knew how many people could benefit from my knowledge and how I could help them. But what ‘name’ would I give myself? I’m kind of a fixer. Yep – I can help you with your social media. I can get into the strategy. I can help you find the right brand ambassador. I can help you with a content marketing plan. I can help you gain clients. I can help you work with magazines. Give me a problem and I will be able to help you fix it OR I will know someone who can. Actually, I’ll teach you how to fix it and present a load of options too. And then we’ll review what you’ve done and we’ll look at the next area for improvement. So after a fair amount of steering by my lovely coach. I decided coach was the best label.

What is business coaching – well, what’s the service I offer about?

I knew what I wanted to do – what I was capable of helping people do – and when I tentatively told the world, I got some clients. Some coaching clients. Theses lovely lot have made huge leaps forward and it is SO exciting to watch. I have one client who secured an article in the local press after one chat (and now knows how to do it again and has the contacts to be in control of her own promotion in that area!). I had one client who launched a business. One who was asked to be a brand ambassador for a company she’s adored for years. One who secured a regular column in a magazine. One who grew their Facebook following massively at minimal cost. You get the idea. So, my advice (and I do appreciate the bias here), is that if you want to improve what you do, reach new people, retain loyalty, or just up-level your business, then yes. Business coaching can be a game changer. If you’re still asking ‘do I need a business coach’ – here’s a look from the other side of the fence.

Do I need a business coach?

I didn’t think I needed a business coach. And if I’d asked myself the ‘do I need a business coach?’ question, I would have said no. And I would have been oh so wrong. My coach helped me to gain clarity. She helped me to be comfortable with the word coach and a whole lot more. And she helps me now with new ideas that get the old grey matter whirling and push me to be better and do more. We’re friends, she knows what makes me tick, and I help her in her business too, so she knows me very, very well. And I’m grateful – oh so grateful – that I have her on my side.

So, if you’re interested in business coaching – I would love to hear from you. Just contact me for an informal email chat. I’d also love to hear if you work with a coach and the difference you feel it’s made to your business. Please leave your comments below. I’d love to see them.

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