How to get testimonialsIf you read my previous blog about testimonials, you might be wondering how you can get them. And I’m here to help you with that. So how do you get testimonials and how can you ask for them without feeling ‘weird’? Here’s a quick guide to how to get testimonials.

First of all-  do a good job. Yes I know goes without saying, but before you ask anybody for a testimonial, you need to make sure they’re happy with what you’ve done. Not least because the testimonial received back is likely to be a bit noncommittal if they aren’t! It’s also going to be a bit awkward if they’re not entirely happy! Moving on from this though…

  • Ask people for testimonials. Yes, you read that correctly. Ask people for testimonials. Don’t just assume that they’ll think to send them over and offer them. If you know that they are pleased with the work you do/have done, just ask if they’d mind sending over a few words that you could use. You’ll be amazed how quickly people say yes if they’re happy with the work you’ve done.
  • Make sure all testimonials are genuine. Do not fabricate them. They lose all value if they are made up.
  • Display a testimonial with pride – ideally create a section on your website where you can put the testimonial so people can find out more about you. Also say who the testimonial came from and, ideally, link to that person’s website too.
  • Thank people for the time they’ve taken to leave your testimonial and help you. Even if it’s just a line – they have decided to associate their brand with yours, so make sure you thank them.
  • Use your testimonials. Yes, put them online, but use them on your social media too, to reach your hard earned following – these people have already become part of your following, so let them find a bit more about you. You could also look to add them to your email signature (in rotation), on newsletters… you can actually make quite a lot out of a testimonial if you think about it the right way.

Do you have any tips? What was the best testimonial you have ever received? Please comment below! And never one to miss an opportunity (!), please have a look at my reviews and testimonials page here if you have a few moments to spare!


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