Do testimonials matter? Actually, testimonials are more than a way to sell your services, they can give people confidence in what you do and also let people learn a little bit more about you without having to commit to hitting the ‘contact’ button. And if you’re not entirely convinced and feel a bit odd about testimonials, please have a read of the blog below. I think it might just change your mind.

Isn’t it boasting?

A while ago I did a video about power of testimonials. I’d had a brilliant testimonial come in from a client of mine – but I didn’t want to put it online. I know it sounds stupid, but I just felt that it was boasting. I had helped this lady and I loved working with her, and when I got the testimonial through it really did make me smile. But there was something that stopped me from sharing it. I didn’t want people to think I was boasting. How stupid is that?! I would metaphorically slap any client around the face who told me they were not going to publish a testimonial because they felt like that! The testimonial was in my inbox for number of weeks, just there, waiting for me to do something fitting with it. I kept looking at it and smiling. But I still couldn’t put it online. That was until something made me think.

What if you look at it differently…

A few weeks later, I was on Amazon looking at books. I am have a bit of an obsession with business books. I’m always looking for the next read. But how do you choose? There are literally thousands onDo testimonials matter? Amazon. You can read the description – but then what you do? Reviews. You look at the star rating each book has and then you click to see what people have written about it. You’re looking for them to say something that’s relatable to you, for you to think ‘yes that would be perfect for me – that is the area I would like to read more about’. As I was reading through the reviews left about a particular book, it didn’t cross my mind that author of the book was boasting. I was using the reviews to educate myself about what the book covered. And then it struck me. Testimonials are reviews. And how do people know what your services are like unless you tell them? Well, unless you find a way to let your clients tell them?

How do testimonials help potential clients?

I’m very lucky many of my clients actively tell people about me when they’re at shows and events. I really value this. But what about the people that don’t cross the paths of my clients? What about them? How do they know what I’m really like? Yes, there’s social media and my videos, but to work with – how do they know? When I thought about it properly, I decided that the testimonial was a review. These reviews added value to my clients, and they help my potential clients and interested parties. It was at that point I decided to put it online.

Did I receive hate mail and people blasting me for boasting? Nope. Not once. And has it helped my business? Oh yes. So in answer to the question ‘do testimonials matter?’ – I’m very confident in saying yes, they matter a lot!

I would love to hear your thoughts on testimonials and how you use them. Do you see them as reviews? Do you see them as boasting? Has this blog made you think a little differently?





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