Have you ever heard yourself asking the question ‘what should I blog about?’. Maybe it’s something that pops into your head whenever you sit down to create your first/next masterpiece. What are you going to write about? What will people want to read? Will they want to read what you have to say? In this blog I’m going to share my tips to help you address the question ‘what should I blog about?’, and keep you brimming with ideas for the foreseeable future too. Here are four topics that will generate a whole heap of ideas…

What am I passionate about?

Simple. Write down a list of the things you’re passionate about and then work out from there. If you’re the next Nigella and you’re passionate about food, you have a near constant source of inspiration from recipes to ingredients to food/wine pairings to what to cook when you’re in a hurry/in-laws are coming over/on a budget. The list is endless. Say you’re passionate about the countryside – you have the seasons, farming calendar, wildlife, farm animals, issues threatening the countryside/schemes to enhance it. Let’s say you’re passionate about cars – you have the differentWhat should I blog about? makes, models, styles, innovations, events, races… just get some paper, but a passion in the middle of it and let your imagination run wild!

What am I known for/what does my business do/what problem/s can my business help to solve?

If you’re lucky, this will overlap with point one, and if not, you have even more ideas. Let’s say you’re a retailer selling – I don’t know, screws. Yep. I’m being really specific to prove a point. You have the different types of screws for different jobs, the differences in the metals they’re made from and why that matters, how to with screws (how to screw into wood, plasterboard, etc), and that’s before we look at stuff that goes with screws (rawplugs? I’m getting out of my depth now!), tools to use with screws (drills, screwdrivers) and DIY jobs. And then you could expand into other DIY products and materials. Take my blog as another example. Yep, I’m a coach and PR and marketing consultant, but there’s a LOT under that umbrella, from the things I do in my job (PR, marketing, social media, video, collaborations, blogging, strategy, advertising, etc), to great examples of things I specialise in, to the companies I work with, to top tips and how to, really focussing in on individual parts of things (Facebook ad targeting, hashtags on Instagram, Twitter power-hours)…the list goes on.

The news.

Yep. The news is a near constant source of blog inspiration. Don’t be completely off the wall and start blogging about something you are clueless on, start with industry news and work out from there! So, in my line of work, the algorithm changes, new software and apps, new tech to make lives easier usually hits the news, as well as PR campaigns that haven’t quite worked out, or viral content that’s made the news for one reason or another.


Yep, and this can be scary. Why not tell your readers about you? It doesn’t have to be your deepest darkest secrets, but a bit about what makes you tick and why you’re passionate about what you do, how you got into the job you do, places you’ve been, things you love (see point one), even your pets if it’s relevant.

So, next time you ask ‘what should I blog about?’…

So, if you find yourself asking ‘what should I blog about?’ ever again, come back to this blog with your notepad and get planning!

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