I’ve been doing more and more blogs lately (as you may have noticed!), and I have been looking at ways to save time while maintaining the quality of the content that I’m putting out. There are a few ways to do this, but the one I’m looking at today is the use of dictation software.

This blog is brought to you with a little help from Apple (and its dictation software!)

How dictation software can make blogging a whole lot easierThis blog has been written with the help of Apple’s own dictation software. I have previously used another form of dictation software provided by another supplier. It was OK, but I needed to do a lot of editing and I didn’t feel that any time was saved. When Apple launched theirs, I was a bit hesitant about using it because, if a company dedicated to providing dictation software struggled, how would Apple be able to achieve better results? It was a foolish thing for me to think because, of course, when the geniuses at Apple put their minds to anything, it tends to do well.

Why the resistance?

I have resisted this dictation software for while because I wasn’t sure I’d see any kind of time saving. And a blog written using dictation software does still require editing, and sometimes substantial editing. I’ve seen many words appear on the screen that have not crossed my lips!  However, using the software helps me to think freely and quickly. It also allows me to view the copy that I have ‘written’ with fresh eyes because I haven’t actually written it. I feel this makes it easier to pick up on typos. Well, that’s the theory! When I produce a press release, I normally look at it three or four times before I send onto my client who also reviews it. When they send it back to me, with approval or amendments, I then read it through again before I send. With a blog, this process doesn’t happen.

How accurate is dictation software?

Dictation software isn’t perfect – and it probably never will be. You will always need to edit or check what it ‘says’ you said. If you do a lot of writing, you’re and avid blogger and want to put a lot more content out there, dictation can make a welcome change to typing. So definitely have a look around. The Apple one is actually really good and I have to say, in my opinion, better than the software I paid quite a lot of money for.

Using tools like dictation software to make life easier is something that we should all be harnessing. Or at least trying on and seeing if it ‘fits’ us and what we do. You might find the tool you’ve chosen doesn’t work that well for you and it’s not worth persevering with, but if you find one time and labour saving bit of software out there than frees you up to spend more time doing other things, that has to be a good thing!


…and she presses publish after only two editing sessions…gulp!



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  1. EquiPepper
    EquiPepper says:

    I would love to see a blog post looking at more detail as to how it works!
    I’m lucky that most of the time I have my handy notepad near by to jott ideas I have down in. Or if I’m really pushed, my phone will always do for a quick note! But sometimes I don’t have a free hand so if the software uses a handsfree device and then sends my thoughts somewhere for me to view later that would be really interesting!

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