How to up-level your businessIf you’re looking to ‘up-level’ your business this year, it requires a new kind of dedication, a new kind of skill set and a new kind of attitude. Are you game? Read on to find out how to up-level your business…

Are you ready?

There’s a great saying by someone far wiser than I am that simply states you’ll always get what you’ve always had if you always do what you’ve always done. Simple hey. Of course, there are exceptions, and winning the lottery or someone finding you by pure accident can happen, but would you want to bet your business and its future success on something that might possibly happen? Actually, it’s even less than that. Might possibly happen once in a blue moon? No, I didn’t think so.

How do you up-level your business?

So, how do you up-level? Well first, let’s just think about what the phrase means. It’s to take your business onto another level. To increase and expand what you do. To increase you reach, your engagement. The reason, in my mind at least, that the definition is vague is simply because there are many ways to up-level, but that depends on where you are now and where you want to be along with what you have utilised at the moment. I’m not saying up-levelling is easy, but it starts by having a proper look at what you do now and your current position and then a look at where you want to be. And then it’s a case of exploring new ideas. This could be through working with a coach or mentor to help you plan, perfect and achieve your goals. It could be through doing a lot of extra learning. It could be through dedicating time and resources to previously ignored areas in your business.

How long does it take?

Up-levelling won’t happen overnight. Or it shouldn’t do. It can be a fairly quick process though, or at least, the start of the process can be quick. Changing the way you work, to be more, to offer more, should be a gradual process. An evolution if you will, and you need to learn and adapt as you go, so you’re ready when your business gets there.

I can help (shameless plug alert)

I’ve been working with a number of clients in a one to one coaching capacity, to help them up-level (and continue to up-level) their business and what they do. Having someone who has your back and has the supporting knowledge and resources on hand can make your journey a lot easier. It’s perfectly possible on your own, but having seen pretty miraculous changes in a relatively short space of time from tweaking and adjusting small and large ‘things’, having a coach, a wingman, someone who is on your side (and has made it their mission to learn, research and test the best ways of doing things!), can really help. Have a look at the coaching service here or get in touch if you’re interested.

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