What’s a guest blog?

In simple terms, a guest blog is where either you have someone else write on your blog, or you write for someone else. Unlike a ghost writer or someone who is being paid to write for you (or you for them), most guest blogging is a skill/content exchange.

Should you guest blog?

The short answer is yes, but as you may have guessed, there’s a longer answer too. If you’re invited to guest blog, it can be a really good opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your ideas to someone else’s audience. To further your exposure and reach. This is, in general terms, a really good thing. That is, if the fit is correct. If you’re a mummy blogger and you’ve been asked to guest blog for, I don’t know, a pest control company, well, it might not be a great fit. Unless people who read about rodenticides have also got an interest in your mummy blogger content, you might not get the exposure you want. But if you were invited to guest blog on, I don’t know, an organic food website, that could be a nice fit – let alone a company who makes products or offers services for mums and babies. If you get the right fit, you can broaden your horizons and get more eyeballs on your words What's a guest blog?than before. In turn, this can grow your following, interactions and, potentially, opportunities. How good is that?

Should you allow guest bloggers on your blog?

My personal take on this is yes, if they fit what you do. This doesn’t mean they have to be an exact fit, but close. So, with my blog, I will be having guest bloggers who can share their experience of business or skills that I believe my readers would be interested in. That would enhance what they do/teach them something new/give fresh perspective. It’s also strengthening connectiosn and, again, getting more exposure for the blog, because if the guest blogger shares his or her blog, which links to your site, on their platforms, well, your reach has expanded again. Good hey?

As you may have noticed from the above, in my view at least, guest blogging can be a really good idea if you pick the right person to work with. Another point to note is that guest blogging should be mutually beneficial. You should get greater exposure and reach as should the person you’re working with. Just like you’d expect them to share your blog on their platforms, it’s important to do the same. It’s all about give and take. Working with people and building relationships.

So, should you guest blog? Consider the above, make sure you have a good fit and then strongly consider it. It could be good for you, your brand and your business.


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