I love a Facebook advert, and the targeting available is just incredible. More than this, it’s really easy to set up. It takes a bit of time and patience, but it’s really worth it. This is more of a basic intro to get you all fired up about Facebook adverts and targeting, I could probably write a book on it…

Let’s start at the beginning…how does Facebook advert targeting work?

How does Facebook advert targeting work?If you have a look at Facebook and select the create ad option, you’ll work through it (after you’ve chosen your objective, etc.) until you get to targeting – which is what this blog is all about about. So, how does it work? Facebook targeting allows you to make sure your ad is shown to the people who have the most chance of wanting to buy or being interested in your product. You can target by geographical location (not just UK, a whole lot more specific than that!), gender, age, language, behaviours and interests (including pages they like), and you can even include or exclude people. You can even target connections. Targeting is great and can make sure your ad is seen by the right people, which is different to magazines. Let me work through one example before I leave you to ponder you own targeting and your next Facebook ad.

And example of Facebook advert targeting in action

Let’s say you make car seat covers – you know, the seat covers that stop hair, mud and other stuff damaging your upholstery. You do loads of car seat covers, but let’s say you want to promote a backseat cover that stops little Charlie’s juice and snacks from making a HUGE mess inside the car. So you’d probably target ladies of childbearing age. Maybe you’d go UK (if that’s who you market to) and you could look to add interests connected to children – and websites/pages too. Maybe somewhere like Mumsnet? Mothercare? NCT? That would be one ad. Or maybe you have the same product but you want to aim it at men who have ‘luxury’ cars that the kids sometimes go it? So you’d change the gender and the interests – maybe you’d think Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. Get the picture? Of course, your imagery would be different to appeal to different groups, but can you see what I’m getting at. And this is just an overview, when you get into it, you could can be even more specific if you like.

How specific should you be?

However, a word of warning – being specific is great, but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face and don’t make your potential reach too small. There’s an illustration that shows the size of your potential audience as you add to your targeting, so try and keep the dial in the green to get maximum reach. Find out more here 

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