How does a blog provide exclusive content? Well, that’s an easy one – unless you copy someone’s blog (and please, PLEASE DO NOT do this!), it’s your words, your viewpoint. It provides exclusive content as it’s your view on a subject, a product, a situation – well, whatever you want it to be.

How does a blog provide exclusive content?Does exclusive content matter?

I think it does. I use my blog to share my views and ideas with people who are interested. All thoughts are my own (apart from guest blog, but these are clearly labelled and align with my own thoughts). And that’s really important. It’s exclusive content that you should only find here. My blog is part of my ‘marketing mix’ when it comes to my own business. I am not expecting everyone who reads it to convert into clients, God no, but neither would I expect everyone who saw an ad to call me. What I am expecting if for people to read it to feel that, after they’re read it, they know me a little better. They may like what they read, they might not – and whilst I hope for the former, the latter is always a possibility when you put yourself ‘out there’. Because the content created is mine. It’s my words, it’s my thoughts, it’s my take on things, people are building up a picture of me and my expertise and skill set. I also like to think that, when people read my blog, they’re getting something that they can’t get elsewhere. Sure, there are a LOT of blogs about blogging. But are any quite like this?

Be your authentic self

So, what I’m trying to say is if you write from the heart and you’re your authentic self and create interesting, engaging, exclusive content that can only been viewed and digested on your website and blog, you’re adding value. You’re giving your fans and followers the chance to read something difference (or, at least, the way you view it) and you’re adding layers to your offering and your story. And that’s why it’s exclusive. Because your reader shouldn’t be seeing it elsewhere.


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