A logo isn’t what makes your business. It’s a really nice thing to have, and being a bit of a design junkie, I do like a nice logo, but have a look at this blog ‘how to create a logo’ if you’re having an ‘arrrgggghh’ How to create a new logomoment. Then have a read of the below, it’ll help you get the best logo you can when working with a graphic designer…

I do have a genuine interest in graphic design. I’m not a designer- I don’t own any of the really clever software- but I do create graphics for people and have worked with a number of really, really good graphic designers in my time. So I feel I’m ok to talk about this. Here are my top tips for working with a graphic designer to design you new logo, to get the best logo for you.

Seven ways to get the best out of your graphic designer, to get the best logo for you

Work out what’s important. Your company’s name, any imagery you must have- get a list of non-negotiables

Colours. If you have preferences on colour and colours you hate- tell him or her. It’ll save him or her time and stress and you money.

Get vision. In the board sense. This doesn’t need to look like Sherlock’s ‘mind palace’, but collect examples of logos/fonts/colours/ideas/shapes you like.

Think. How are you using your logo? Is it on business stationery and nothing else or are you using it in/on products? How’s it going  look?

Fonts. Fonts can make something really simple work on a whole new level without costing a fortune, so have a good old look at fonts and get some ideas.

Sketch. You read that right. If you had an idea, sketch it out. You don’t have to be Picasso, but it gives your designer an idea of what you want them to achieve for you.

Get a price sorted. Prices can change depending on the number of revisions, but be clear on what you’re expecting to pay before you start and ask to be kept informed if the price is likely to increase.

The options you get back might not be like the logo in your head. Why? Because your designer can’t see in there. Follow the steps above and you should be pretty close, but be kind when you get your designs back as s/he’s put time and effort in. Be aware of this. Has this helped you? I’d love to hear from you in you have any additional tips.

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