Why Instagram? Well apart from the amazing amount of people who have accounts and are Why Instagram?part of the Instagram community (600 million at time of writing – honest!), it provides an amazing opportunity to show your products to the world. More than this, it’s SO easy to access through the mighty smartphone (which, chances are, I’ll call an iPhone for the rest of this blog, because I’m an Apple geek). It allows people to feel connect to you and your brand, get a sneaky behind the scenes look at your world, allows you to work with collaborators and, actually, see the world a little differently.

Instagram – from a personal point of view…

From a personal point of view, I love Instagram (you can find me here), that’s why Instagram makes up part of my marketing mix. I love snapping away Flat lays on Instagramand sharing bits of my life with the world. I’m very into flat lays at the moment and love how Instagram gives me a really nice outlet for my creativity. And I LOVE seeing other people’s posts. Of course, you have to be careful about who you follow (just so you get content you’re interested in, for no other reason!), but that’s the same with any social network. More than this, I do love the filters (although most of my pics are proudly #nofilter), the ability to edit inside the app, and there’s a raft of other fun bits and bobs like Boomerang and Ripl that allow you to create fun stuff for the platform. And it’s not just pics, it’s vids too. I love it.

Why Instagram… from a business point of view?

From a business point of view, you should love it too. I can’t think of a business that couldn’t benefit from being on Instagram. Honestly. Of course, some accounts will attract more interest and followers than others, but that’s the same with all platforms. It’s a great platform to story tell. To share bits of your business and life with your loyal fan base. You can engage, interact, be part of the community, talk to customers, share in their joy. And that’s before we even look at the advertising product in Instagram. That’s pretty cool too. But then it would be and it’s from the Facebook family. And Facebook ads product is amazing. But that’s the subject of another blog.

And one last thing

Another thing I love about Instagram is that, when I’m walking the dog, riding, out and about – I feel it’s opened my eyes a little more to the wonder that’s all around, because I want to capture it for me and my following. I’m not saying you should be snapping every second of your life, but it’s a fun way to capture the really important stuff and share it!

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