Following on from my previous post about Hiho Silver and its gorgeous product packaging (see video here), I wanted to talk to you about my second example – brought to you by Doris & Co. So, what or who is Doris & Co? Doris & Co produces British made creamware products based on traditional shapes, featuring lovely phrases and exclusive designs. The company is best known for its half pint mugs that feature phrases like ‘Hold Fast’ and ‘Made of Stern Stuff’, but a range of other products is available too. What’s more, not only do Doris’s products look great and feel great to use, but they’re also dishwasher proof, so they’re practical too.

Why did I make a video about a mug and its packaging?

What packaging says about youSo, why did a mug and its packaging get a video made about it? Because it’s different and it’s special. Doris pieces are British made. The designs are exclusive and thoughtful but not cloying. The pieces are great quality. And the packaging shows this. I made a video about Doris & Co’s ‘Old Friends Are Best’ Mug as I bought this mug for my friend at Christmas time and wanted to show just how gorgeous it and its packaging were before she received it. So, here’s the video. And, if you liked this one, check out the ones below too.

Packaging is so much more than wrapping

Packaging is so much more than just the wrapping a product comes in – it’s a great way to project your brand, your story and your values to your customer. This can have many benefits. Making you customers feel special and like you really care is where the journey starts, but there’s a lot more to it than that. See the video here.

And a few more packaging videos featuring…

Hiho Silver

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Annabel Brocks and Hawkins Organic

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