I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a thing about packaging. More than that, I think you should embrace your own product’s packaging and see what it says about you. Or, more precisely, who it could say about you.

Does packaging matter?

Before Christmas, I did a fair amount of online shopping. And I was lucky enough to receive some nice products through the post too. Of course, the contents of the packaging were of interest, but how the product arrived was also very interesting. So interesting in fact that I decided to make a series of videos showcasing five great examples of packaging (have a look on my Youtube channel here) and how I felt it added value to the end user and projected the company’s brand values too. Does that seem a bit deep for a cardboard box? It really isn’t. Think of some of the highest end brands in the world. How do they present their products? It it in a battered and bruised box that looks like it cost about 1p and has been beaten up by six people? No. No it doesn’t. Opening your eyes to how stuff is packaged and what it says about the product inside can change a customer’s perception of your brand. It it can add to your customer’s experience. Honestly. Just think about how you feel when you receive a beautifully wrapped gift vs. how you’d feel if your product came wrapped in newspaper?

And so the videos started…

Anyway, I put together a series of videos all about this, showing five great examples over the course of the videos. Here’s a link to the first one. It’s all about equestrian and country jewellery designers Hiho Silver. What does your packaging say about you?Now, Hiho Silver is based in Somerset, has two shops in Dorset and is a must-have destination to visit at all the big equestrian and country shows during the season – and for good reason. Hiho creates the most stunning range of jewellery. There’s something to suit all budgets and tastes. Many pieces are completely exclusive and designed by them. The quality of the jewellery is second to none. The customer service is brilliant. The branding is spot on. And do you know what else is exceptional? The packaging. As soon as you receive the box, you’re instantly excited. And you know that the product inside is going to be good quality…because it has to be…because of the box. The company has also used the packaging and one of the inserts to tell the story about the product inside the box. Why? Because it’s an amazing story, it adds to the product inside and it adds to the overall brand story. If you click on the image above, you’ll be take to a video all about Hiho’s packaging.

And here’s a link to a few more packaging videos…

Doris & Co

Bloom & Wild

Annabel Brocks and Hawkins Organic

…and a longer video combining all the examples above!

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