Rhea recently recorded a HorseHour podcast all about rider sponsorship – how to get it, how to keep it and, also, what businesses should look for when choosing to sponsor a rider. Amy Stevenson, the interviewer from HorseHour, asked many questions from a rider’s point of view and, hopefully, the answers provided in the podcast will be of help if you’re a rider looking for sponsorship or you’re a business thinking of dipping your toe into the sponsorship pond.

Here’s a link to the podcast.

There are many snippets to take away from this Horsehour podcast. Such as how to get your own ‘stuff’ in order (social media platforms, websites, etc) before approaching companies, how to behave, idea generation…well, the list goes on. If you have thirty or so minutes to listen (and, as it’s a podcast, you can do other things as you listen!) it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to attract sponsors this season and beyond.

A MASSIVE thank you to Amy and HorseHour for inviting our participation. Find out more about HorseHour here.


HorseHour is one of the ‘equestrian power hours’ on Twitter. It takes place each week between 8pm and 9pm on Monday. In addition to the once a week hour, which allows horse people across the world to unite and share stories using the #horsehour hashtag, there’s also a supporting website that’s a real educational hub, packed with videos, podcasts and articles to help improve horsemanship and more.


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