First of all, I must apologise for the gap between this blog and the two previous ones…I blame Christmas. Entirely.

What does Christmas have to do with it?

In the world of PR, Christmas starts in about August, you know, when you’re sat in shorts (OK, I don’t wear shorts, but let’s say t-shirt), you’re sporting a shade of lobster and the ground resembles concrete. The issue is, it doesn’t end until, well, about now for the most part, and Christmas Eve for the bits and bobs…just as the actual Christmas arrives, when you have to be sociable to people you avoid all year long and the stress about what to buy for who/realise you haven’t bought anything for anyone but you have festive attire for the dogs, takes over. Print media does work ahead, of course it does, but with digital becoming stronger and stronger all the time, it’s not over until there’s a fat, jolly bloke trying to squeeze himself down your chimney, to steal your sherry, mince pies and carrots. It’s not a relaxing time of year, but it is an exciting one in our world – when campaigns you’ve been plotting start to pay off for all concerned…a lot of work goes into Christmas, it’s the key time of the year for so many businesses, and people are foolish to ignore this. I’ve seen some corking campaigns this season and been involved in a few too – you don’t need to give the contents of your shop to get somewhere – just think about your fans and what you think they’d like- what would appeal to them? And, until Christmas Eve, it’s not too late to try something on social media or online…seize the moment. Embrace your inner child and try your very best to embrace Christmas…it could pay dividends.

I’ve been posting some Christmas Crackers on my Facebook page if you’re lacking festive inspiration. There’s more to come too, so do like the page

Now, before I leave you for a little while, I wanted to draw your attention to something I’m involved with – when I say involved with, I mean that I’ve donated something towards…I can’t (and won’t) take any credit for the organisational aspect because that’s been a mammoth task that Alexis and Nikki need a big pat on the back for (well, a big drink for, but ‘pat on the back’ is a more accepted term). What am I talking about? The End of Season Event silent auction. The auction is raising money for Friends of Picu, the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton Hospital. It’s a cause that’s very close to the hearts of the organisers of the ball, and I was pleased to be able to help. I’ve donated an hour’s Skype consultation, ideal for riders looking at how to manage their own promotion and small businesses too. There are lots of great lots – you can buy Ben Hobday (well, I think you can…don’t quote me on that!), win lessons with Olympians, get a signed Mirrors for Training Stable Mirror…there are 44 lots in total – so get bidding! Find out more here.

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